[Twitter/Weibo] 110724 miss A’s Jia Inkigayo backstage

Jia: “The four of us together, it’s been a long time!!!!! @missA_min @missA_fei @missA_suzy we just finished Inkigayo’s recording!! To the fans who gave us a lot of cheer~ thank you for coming!!”

Jia: “The first week of our comeback is over! A lot of fans came to see us during these days! Thank you! Making all the way early in the morning~ and also worrying about my leg injury! ~Thank you ^ _ ^ Do you like Goodbye Baby?”

[Twitter/Weibo] 110721 miss A’s Fei and Jia

Fei: “The cake has been eaten! Where is the “A”?? kikiki I ate it!”

Fei:Today I received an iPad case in my favorite color, red, as a present. It’s so pretty! I totally like it

Jia: “True! This afternoon when we were recording our comeback stage I carelessly fell! But I was treated right away! Now I’m fine! See, I’m not hurt! Haha~ sorry for making you worry! Please enjoy our stage! You’ll like it! ^ _ ^”

Jia injured her leg today, but it’s not serious. Hope she’s fine now.

[Weibo/Twitter] 110718 miss A’s Jia and Suzy

Jia: “Haha~hahahahhah just for a good laugh!! My hair looks like Da Lang’s. Dalang~~dalang~~dalangdalangdalangdalangdalang~~~”

Suzy: “Isn’t the mini-album’s phone chain cute??? inside the album, very surprised *.*”

PS: Da lang is a character from Taiwanese drama “Hi my sweetheart” play by Show Luo, they have exactly the same haircute. Suzy is talking about the mini photo-diary that will be randomly include in miss A’s first full album A Class.

[Twitter/Weibo] 110715-110716 miss A’s Fei, Jia and Min

Jia: ” The number of my weibo followers exceeded 200,000! So fast! You’re so awesome! Thank you!! In order to show my gratitude! Here is a scenery photo taken by myself~ forget any pressure and enjoy the beautiful scenery!”

Fei: (RT Min’s pic) “It was raining last night, but the night view was beautiful! Thankfully the weather was good today!”

[Weibo] 110713 miss A’s Fei and Jia

Jia: (RT Fei’s teaser) “Haha! You all guessed wrong! It’s not me! ~~ ^ _ ^”

Fei: (reply) “Well today it’s me! Hehe who’s turn will it be tomorrow? There are only Suzy and meng gaga left!”

Jia: “It’s been a while since I posted a photo! The comeback is near! We’re nervously rehearsing now… please look forward to it! Hahaha!!”

missAChinesefansite: “Movie ‘Quick’ fan-taken, @missAjia what are you looking at kiki”

Jia: (reply) “How much tall is Suzy! I have to be like that to look at her! depressed!”