[Twitter] 110711 Jia’s little Convo with U-KISS ex-member Alexander

(Raw translation, Jiayou = Fighting in Chinese, Hyeongnim = a male’s older brother)

Alex:  ″Good Bye Baby, Good Bye…♪″ @missA_fei @missA_jia @missA_min [Say A mode] We’ll be waiting for ya blast~ I’ll look forward~ ^-^)b
Jia:  hahaha~~~thank you!!!!!Jiayou jiayou!!!!
Alex:  You’re welcome~ after the success just invite oppa out to eat~ ㅋㅋㅋ
Jia:  아 헐~~…!!!!!! I don’t want to call you brother!haha~I will invite you to eat!hahaha
Alex:  Then I’ll call you Jia hyeongnim~ haha~ you’re silly~ I don’t bully people younger than me~ just tell sister Fei @missA_fei to invite us~ ㅋㅋ
Jia:  You can’t, you can’t, don’t call me hyeongnim !!!!!!hahahaha~~nononononooooooo!!!!!
Alex:  hahahaha!! ″Little Jia″ Fighting~Jiayou ″Compatriot″~ ㅋㅋㅋ

[Video] U-kiss Kevin and Dongho dance to miss A on a Japan TV show

It’s not the first time that they dance to Bad Girl Good Girl, but this time they did it in Japan.

I remember Infinite’s Sung Jong also dance to miss A on his group own Japan show ‘Days of Infinite’ (at 8:00)