[Info/Video] miss A drops MV teaser for ‘Good Bye Baby’ feat. FEI!!

Queen Fei is so hot *scream* ❤

The next teaser will be out tomorrow at 2:30 AM (GMT+0:00) at www.missaworld.com. You can try to convert it to your time zone here (remember to put GMT in the location where you want to convert from). There’s a chance that miss A Official Youtube Chanel upload the teaser too, like they just did with Min’s and Fei’s today!! ^^

[Info/Video] miss A reveals teaser for ‘Good Bye Baby’ MV feat. MIN!!

The date of release is now confirmed to be 18th July!! The teaser is from www.missaworld.com + there’s a little countdown for the next one, which would be at 8:30 AM (GMT+0:00) tomorrow :p

Edit: …after some manipulations I realized that the countdown is calculating the time that is left from your computer clock, you change one and the other one change too. So it’s kinda irrelevant since people around the world do not have the same time. But according to this, it’ll be 10:30 AM in Korea when the countdown reach 0.

[Info/Article] miss A reveals audio teaser for comeback track, “Good Bye Baby”!! (Updated with a video)

Get ready for one of K-pop’s most anticipated idol comebacks – miss A have just updated their official website with an audio teaser for their new song, “Good Bye Baby“!

The girls dropped some hints on July 9th through their individual Twitters: beginning with members Fei and Min, who said “Good Evening Baby!” and “Good Morning Baby!” respectively, Suzy and Jia later updated with “Good Night Baby” and “Good afternoon baby~“. Fans buzzed excitedly over what these mysterious messages could mean; today, they learned that like the day, a relationship can rise, peak, and set, ultimately with “Good Bye Baby“.

The song itself starts with a sweet harmonization of voices, as the girls croon, “Good bye baby, good bye…“. An assertive drum kick drops, and then a shaking of maracas and castanets set the mood for a sultry song.

Check out the audio preview (here), and stay tuned to allkpop for more updates on miss A’s comeback later on this week!

(cr: allkpop / Vash for the twitter pic)

It may lag a little, just refresh the page after the audio is ended to listen to it again. Last year BGGG was a hit, this year GBBB will be a hit as well!!! ^^ Super excited!