[Info] miss A’s first full album release date: 18th July?

From Soompi Forum by n3ssa_chan:

As you may or may not know 2NE1’s album is supposed to come out on the 21st, same week as miss A’s. So of course comparisons are going to be made and you’ll see a lot of articles about their “head-to-head”.

In fact, articles already started to pop out. The first one by DongA. I’m not bringing this up cuz of their “confrontation” and I wouldn’t want this thread to go crazy miss A vs 2NE1 cuz that’s not nice hah. Let’s just focus on miss A. I’m bringing it up cuz it says that the release date is the 18th.

“이런 상황에서 jyp가 걸그룹 미쓰에이의 새 음반 발표를 18일로 결정했다.”

So now if it is on the 18th my guess is 18th digital and 19th physical in-stores, while online sites like aladin and iMusic will ship their albums on the 20th.

This actually makes more sense cuz the 18th is Monday, so they have a full week of sales to at least secure a #1 ranking the 1st week. (While some charts end on Saturdays, half of them end on Sunday, so Monday releases are quite proper, Sunday releases are not common)

2PM’s album was also released like this. June 20th (Monday) digital release. June 21st (Tuesday) physical album.

I’m waiting to see if Daum updates their profile wiki like page to be more more more more sure. If I find any more little details or new articles with relevant info come up, I’ll keep updating.

It is approaching… who else is excited? 😀

[Info] More detail about miss A’s comeback (from Soompi Forum)

Info from miss A’s Soompi Forum (copy and paste):

Just like last time, no concrete articles about miss A’s comeback have been written but small details are being revealed on articles about summer comebacks and such. Before, info was revealed in articles about spring comebacks. Apparently with the delay a lot might have changed.

[11.07.01 – Sports Chosun] Article about 2PM vs 2NE1, UEE vs Hyunah, f(x) vs T-ara vs miss A

After gaining attention as ‘2010 Rookie of the Year’, miss A will be making their comeback in July, under the command of JYP. JYPE explained, “No detailed comeback times have been finalized, but we are aiming for a comeback in mid-July. We are currently discussing their outfits and music video concept, amongst other things.”

[11.07.02 – Hankooki] Article about T-ara, 4Minute (Hyunah), After School & miss A

Image Transformation

# miss A, summer song·dance upgrade

miss A is also working towards the last 10 days of this month. They prepared for a comeback in May. However, due to the realization of their outfits and stage concept needing a change, they got rid of the prior finalizations and started over.

Under producer Park Jinyoung’s command, miss A’s general feel has been upgraded, and hinted at applying a seasonal element. After <BGGG> and <Breathe>, fans have been wondering what type of unique song and stage will come about.

Thanks to ch0sshi for the help

  • mid-July
  • last 10 days of July (count backwards = around July 22nd)
  • new start from former May comeback preparations
  • applying seasonal element = summer element

And thanks n3ssa_chan for the info ^^