[Video/Me2day] 110725 miss A’s Suzy reveals “Good Bye Baby” dance rehearsal

Suzy:Everyone, did you all watch our first broadcast? keke, In celebration of our comeback, Suzy has prepared an extra, extra special event! After watching our rehearsal video for ‘Good Bye Baby’, all you have to do is come up with a name for our dance. The name we like the most will be chosen and you’ll get an autographed CD!”  (cr: allkpop)

[Me2day] 110701 miss A’s Fei and Jia


“In celebration of miss A’s first anniversary, I entered me2day! Me and Suzy are wearing new fresh heart-sharp sunglasses~~~ Please keep your support for miss A even at the 100th anniversary!!!”


“Hello everyone~~~~ I’m Jia~~~!!! ^^ Today I start playing me2day! kekeke Also~~do you know what day it is today!???????? Please shout it to me!!!! kekeke whuaha ahaha ahahahahahah”

[Me2day/Article] 110627 miss A’s Min: chicken is my best friend

Chickens… today will probably be the most climatic day of your clucking careers. miss A member Min posted on her me2day account today saying,

“Cut my bangs, wearing my sunglasses, and in the process of inhaling chicken. Chicken is my best friend.”

Along with the text, the singer uploaded a picture to display her great affection for the poultry. The photograph is of Min chomping on a piece of chicken with her blunt bangs and oversized sunglasses.

Netizens commented on the photo saying, “That chicken looks delicious”, “I like chicken too…”, and “your sunglasses will make your face disappear~”.

(Source: Star News via Nate / allkpop)

Earlier she also introduce her me2day with a greeting message.

“My first time posting on me2day. Please give me convenience in the future.”