[Info/Article] miss A reveals audio teaser for comeback track, “Good Bye Baby”!! (Updated with a video)

Get ready for one of K-pop’s most anticipated idol comebacks – miss A have just updated their official website with an audio teaser for their new song, “Good Bye Baby“!

The girls dropped some hints on July 9th through their individual Twitters: beginning with members Fei and Min, who said “Good Evening Baby!” and “Good Morning Baby!” respectively, Suzy and Jia later updated with “Good Night Baby” and “Good afternoon baby~“. Fans buzzed excitedly over what these mysterious messages could mean; today, they learned that like the day, a relationship can rise, peak, and set, ultimately with “Good Bye Baby“.

The song itself starts with a sweet harmonization of voices, as the girls croon, “Good bye baby, good bye…“. An assertive drum kick drops, and then a shaking of maracas and castanets set the mood for a sultry song.

Check out the audio preview (here), and stay tuned to allkpop for more updates on miss A’s comeback later on this week!

(cr: allkpop / Vash for the twitter pic)

It may lag a little, just refresh the page after the audio is ended to listen to it again. Last year BGGG was a hit, this year GBBB will be a hit as well!!! ^^ Super excited!


[Info] More detail about miss A’s comeback (from Soompi Forum)

Info from miss A’s Soompi Forum (copy and paste):

Just like last time, no concrete articles about miss A’s comeback have been written but small details are being revealed on articles about summer comebacks and such. Before, info was revealed in articles about spring comebacks. Apparently with the delay a lot might have changed.

[11.07.01 – Sports Chosun] Article about 2PM vs 2NE1, UEE vs Hyunah, f(x) vs T-ara vs miss A

After gaining attention as ‘2010 Rookie of the Year’, miss A will be making their comeback in July, under the command of JYP. JYPE explained, “No detailed comeback times have been finalized, but we are aiming for a comeback in mid-July. We are currently discussing their outfits and music video concept, amongst other things.”

[11.07.02 – Hankooki] Article about T-ara, 4Minute (Hyunah), After School & miss A

Image Transformation

# miss A, summer song·dance upgrade

miss A is also working towards the last 10 days of this month. They prepared for a comeback in May. However, due to the realization of their outfits and stage concept needing a change, they got rid of the prior finalizations and started over.

Under producer Park Jinyoung’s command, miss A’s general feel has been upgraded, and hinted at applying a seasonal element. After <BGGG> and <Breathe>, fans have been wondering what type of unique song and stage will come about.

Thanks to ch0sshi for the help

  • mid-July
  • last 10 days of July (count backwards = around July 22nd)
  • new start from former May comeback preparations
  • applying seasonal element = summer element

And thanks n3ssa_chan for the info ^^

[Weibo] 110701 Fei and Jia received Chinese fans gifts for miss A First Anniversary

Today, missin’A (1st Chinese fansite of miss A) gave Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy their gifts for miss A’s first anniversary! Among those was a photo-album book with all the Chinese and International fans congratulation messages and creative photos ^^. Fei and Jia respond on Weibo!

“We received the gifts! I read every sentence you wrote! I understood / felt your intention! Thank you! Every following year we must spend it together! Love you!”

“Thank you Chinese SAY-A for the anniversary gift!~~~I appreciate your hard work! We will make efforts together! ^_^ Soon we will release our first full length album! Sorry for keeping you waiting~ just hold a little more! hahaha~~~”

[Me2day/Article] 110627 miss A’s Min: chicken is my best friend

Chickens… today will probably be the most climatic day of your clucking careers. miss A member Min posted on her me2day account today saying,

“Cut my bangs, wearing my sunglasses, and in the process of inhaling chicken. Chicken is my best friend.”

Along with the text, the singer uploaded a picture to display her great affection for the poultry. The photograph is of Min chomping on a piece of chicken with her blunt bangs and oversized sunglasses.

Netizens commented on the photo saying, “That chicken looks delicious”, “I like chicken too…”, and “your sunglasses will make your face disappear~”.

(Source: Star News via Nate / allkpop)

Earlier she also introduce her me2day with a greeting message.

“My first time posting on me2day. Please give me convenience in the future.”