[Info] miss A’s full album ‘A Class’ Track List + other information and BTS pic!!!

According to several music stores (Yes24, Aladin, iMusic…), in addition to the poster, the album will include a special ‘A Class’ photo diary at random.
This is in fact a mini diary of 17 pages containing members’ photos, they call it a mini album but no it’s a photo album. The “random” at the end could mean (not sure) that not everybody who pre-order the album will get it… only some lucky people… a-haha?

Full Track list from Melon Album Review (13 songs, 5 new and 8 old):

  1. Ha Na Bu Theo Yeol Ka Ji (From 1 To 10)
  2. Good-Bye Baby
  3. Help Me
  4. Break It
  5. Mr. Johnny
  6. Let The Music Play DJ
  7. Step Up
  8. Breathe
  9. Are You Dazed (Blankly)
  10. Love Again
  11. Love Alone
  12. Bad Girl Good Girl
  13. Good-Bye Baby (Silver remix)

Here are some information about the 5 new songs (from Soompi Forum by n3ssa_chan, she’s the one talking in parenthesis):

  • Good-Bye Baby
Written and Composed by: J.Y Park “The Asian Soul”
Lyrics start with: Goodbye Baby Good bye뒤돌아서
  • Good-Bye Baby (Silver Mix)
Written and Composed by: J.Y Park “The Asian Soul”
Lyrics start with: Goodbye Baby good bye뒤돌아서

(I’m thinking this might be what we are hearing on the teasers? Cuz JY’s me2day teaser and what came out in the image/song teaser and video teasers, are not exactly the same. I also think the video teasers have nothing to do w/ the actual MV *cough*)

  •  Ha Na Bu Theo Yeol Ka Ji
Written by: Rado (and someone else who doesn’t have a name lol)
Composed by: Rado
Lyrics start with: 아나참기가막혀정말

(Rado does mainly hip-hop music so if it is hip-hop… this will be interesting haha. About the song title, it might be “Buteo” w/o the H, which means “from”, and someone told me it could be something like “From one to ten” @.@ but I really…. Have no idea at all~ If anyone knows, please some enlightenment lol)

  •  Help Me
Written and Composed by: Hong Jisang
Lyrics start with: I need your help어서구해줘

(Jisang arranged “BGGG”, “Breathe”, “Dream High”, WG’s “2DT”, 2PM’s “Again&Again”, made 2PM’s “All Night Long” etc etc etc)

  •  Mr Johnny
Written by: Kim Eunsoo and Tommy Park
Composed by: Tommy Park
Lyrics starts with: Who are you Mr. Johnny


[Info/Article] miss A is coming back at the end of July!!! (+ schedule updates)

miss A will be returning to the music scene by the end of July!

The ladies shot to stardom with their back-to-back hits “Bad Girl Good Girl” and “Breathe“. Currently, the group is busy completing the final stages of album production.

On July 6th, JYP Entertainment revealed,

miss A will be starting their first album promotions in the 4th week of this month. They plan to have many Korean activities.

According to their agency, miss A’s upcoming album was directed by JYP Entertainment’s head producer, J.Y. Park. miss A is determined to exceed the popularity of their previous hit songs with their new title track, the details for which have yet to be revealed.

A JYP Entertainment representative said,

It will be a miss A signature dance song with lots of excitement. It shows off the charms of the matured members. Since it’s their first full length album, the members have prepared for a long time prior to making their comeback.

(cr: allkpop)

JYP’s preview of miss A’s new song back in April (at 1:14):

Schedule updates:

  • July 7th – [Event] Seoul International Youth Film Festival (Min MC)
  • July 11th – [TV] SBS Starking (recording)
  • July 18th – [TV] SBS Starking (recording)

The girls are back!

[Info] More detail about miss A’s comeback (from Soompi Forum)

Info from miss A’s Soompi Forum (copy and paste):

Just like last time, no concrete articles about miss A’s comeback have been written but small details are being revealed on articles about summer comebacks and such. Before, info was revealed in articles about spring comebacks. Apparently with the delay a lot might have changed.

[11.07.01 – Sports Chosun] Article about 2PM vs 2NE1, UEE vs Hyunah, f(x) vs T-ara vs miss A

After gaining attention as ‘2010 Rookie of the Year’, miss A will be making their comeback in July, under the command of JYP. JYPE explained, “No detailed comeback times have been finalized, but we are aiming for a comeback in mid-July. We are currently discussing their outfits and music video concept, amongst other things.”

[11.07.02 – Hankooki] Article about T-ara, 4Minute (Hyunah), After School & miss A

Image Transformation

# miss A, summer song·dance upgrade

miss A is also working towards the last 10 days of this month. They prepared for a comeback in May. However, due to the realization of their outfits and stage concept needing a change, they got rid of the prior finalizations and started over.

Under producer Park Jinyoung’s command, miss A’s general feel has been upgraded, and hinted at applying a seasonal element. After <BGGG> and <Breathe>, fans have been wondering what type of unique song and stage will come about.

Thanks to ch0sshi for the help

  • mid-July
  • last 10 days of July (count backwards = around July 22nd)
  • new start from former May comeback preparations
  • applying seasonal element = summer element

And thanks n3ssa_chan for the info ^^