[Article] miss A receives a ’stellar’ gift from fans

Twinkle, twinkle miss A star, how I wonder what you are~“.

The ladies of miss A received an extraordinary gift from their fans in the form of a global star registry certificate. For the group’s 1 year anniversary present, fans decided to name a star after miss A.

A representative of miss A responded, “The members were so touched by such clever 1 year anniversary present. They will repay the fans with a song that twinkles brightly like their star in the sky“.

miss A is making their comeback this month with their album, “Class A“. Their title song, “Good Bye Baby“, is receiving a high amount of anticipation thanks to its dramatic MV teasers.

Source &Photo: Naver

(cr: allkpop)

Aw, the gift is from the lovely Chinese Say-A from missin’A fansite!! First a beautiful cake, now a star xD This is awesome!

[Me2day] 110701 miss A’s Fei and Jia


“In celebration of miss A’s first anniversary, I entered me2day! Me and Suzy are wearing new fresh heart-sharp sunglasses~~~ Please keep your support for miss A even at the 100th anniversary!!!”


“Hello everyone~~~~ I’m Jia~~~!!! ^^ Today I start playing me2day! kekeke Also~~do you know what day it is today!???????? Please shout it to me!!!! kekeke whuaha ahaha ahahahahahah”

[Weibo] 110701 Fei and Jia received Chinese fans gifts for miss A First Anniversary

Today, missin’A (1st Chinese fansite of miss A) gave Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy their gifts for miss A’s first anniversary! Among those was a photo-album book with all the Chinese and International fans congratulation messages and creative photos ^^. Fei and Jia respond on Weibo!

“We received the gifts! I read every sentence you wrote! I understood / felt your intention! Thank you! Every following year we must spend it together! Love you!”

“Thank you Chinese SAY-A for the anniversary gift!~~~I appreciate your hard work! We will make efforts together! ^_^ Soon we will release our first full length album! Sorry for keeping you waiting~ just hold a little more! hahaha~~~”

[Twitter/Weibo] 110701 Fei, Jia and Suzy for miss A’s First Anniversary!

Today, July 1st 2011, is our miss A’s First Anniversary!! ^^

Fei, Jia and Suzy left some messages on their Twitter and Weibo for the event (Raw Translation)


“It’s been a year since miss A debuted!! Now thinking about it, it seems so unbelievable, I am not able to imagine. The people who work hard for us, and also the Say A, really thank you very much! Thank you for your hard work. I love you. My family and my members. I wish we’ll always always be walking together, really, this is the happiest gift in my entire life.”

“Today is miss A’s first anniversary! Time passes so fast! For the oppas unnies who work hard for us, for the cute Say A! Also for our friends, for our family! Thank you!”


“July 1st! It’s been a year since miss A debuted! Thinking that I was able to come to Korea to be a idol! Thinking about all the hard works and sacrifices! Thinking that I’m now able to understand Korean! Thinking about all the change after our debut! Thinking about all the honor we received! Time really passes fast! Thank you to my members! Thank you to people who are always near helping us! Thank you SAY-A! Because there are you, there is miss A! We will continue to make effort together!! Love you!”


“Waa… it’s already been a year since miss A debuted. Until now I still can’t forget the picture of our debut stage last year. So It’s already been a year actually. In the future we will spend more than a year together. Everybody thank you for your hard work. The fans who give miss A a lot of love, really thank you very much. In the future we will give everyone better music *.*(coming soon!)”