[Video] 110721 miss A’s interview with fan’s questions & Mcountdown stage


[Twitter/Weibo] 110721 miss A’s Fei and Jia

Fei: “The cake has been eaten! Where is the “A”?? kikiki I ate it!”

Fei:Today I received an iPad case in my favorite color, red, as a present. It’s so pretty! I totally like it

Jia: “True! This afternoon when we were recording our comeback stage I carelessly fell! But I was treated right away! Now I’m fine! See, I’m not hurt! Haha~ sorry for making you worry! Please enjoy our stage! You’ll like it! ^ _ ^”

Jia injured her leg today, but it’s not serious. Hope she’s fine now.

[Photo] 110721 miss A’s comeback stage at M! Countdown

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[Photo] Exclusive look at miss A’s rehearsal from Fei

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